Tom Faul is well-known for turning out soft, responsive, polished horses. Horses in training with Tom will receive the same top-notch care as his own, and will be consistently worked with individual goals in mind. He puts a rare, solid foundation on each horse he trains. He especially excels in finishing and showing performance horses.

Tom only takes a limited number of horses in for training, so if you have training needs be sure and contact us soon. We require horses to be with Tom for 90 days, because we believe that is the minimum amount of time for horses to really transform and retain what they have learned. Cost is $900 per month, which includes full care board.  For horses in to get ready for cattle events, $15 per day added once we start working cattle, to help cover cattle costs. 


If you would like your horse seasoned and campaigned in the show ring, you will have a hard time finding a better option than Tom. He has shown in ranch riding, reining, trail, western pleasure, western riding, halter, showmanship, roping, and more. Tom is a beautiful, precise rider and a smart, experienced showman who judges can't ignore.