Medical Board

Tom offers careful medical layup, rehab, or doctoring services, and works very well with vets. In fact, he has been partnering with CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital to doctor and care for horses needing to stay close by to the hospital. No matter what your horse’s medical, doctoring, or rehab needs, Tom will do it with precision, a watchful eye, and expert horsemanship.


Basic Medical Board: Standard is $600 per month/$20 per day (Note: CSU Basic Board is $60 per day, before medication charges.)

Board includes turnout if appropriate, daily stall/pen cleaning, and twice daily feeding. Billing cycles on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Treatment, Care, and Medication Costs

Oral, SPL, or Eye Medications: $5 Per Medication per Treatment

Note: Assumes care hours of 6am to 10pm. After-hours care incurs extra charges.

Travel to and from CSU for appointments: $50 per trip, even if horse must be dropped off in AM and picked up in PM. If Tom needs to stay at CSU for a time with the horse, then add additional $35 per hour.

Owner Pays for any costs coming from CSU.

Hi Tom,

Wally is doing very well. He’s very happy to be home! He’s rolling daily out in his turnout- MUDDY BOY this week! He’s also a magician- he manages to get his fly mask off intact several times a day! THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXTRAORDINARY CARE! I’ll keep you posted on his recovery!

Kim from Somerset Farms

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